Baba Budha ji (Persons)


In Your Home Will Appear A Great Warrior

" In your home will appear a great warrior, whose powers shall no one tame." Baba budha used to gaze that cattle in a sanctuary near Amritsar. Mata Ganga brought him food very humbly which pleased the Baba Budha so much that he gave her a blessing that very soon 'Waheguru shall fulfil your longing for a son.'


Faith In The Guru

The Sikh masses were extremely restive when, on the orders of Jahangir, Guru Hargobind was interned in the Gwalior Fort. Baba Budda ji would lead a band of Sikh Sangat (followers) to Gwalior and return after going round the Fort with reverence. Mohisin Fani writes that Sikhs could be seen in batches any time on teh Grand Trunk Road, on their way to Gwalior.