Bhagat Puran Singh (Persons)

PINGALWARA has been serving mankind at Amritsar since 1947 (started by Bhagat Puran Singh Ji). Pingalwara literally means a home for the crippled. Today, it houses hundreds of inmates suffering from variegated diseases. Large part of these is of women who are insane and psychic due to harassment from family or society. The patients are kept in neat and clean wards and are attended upon by skilled and efficient nurses and doctors. Pingalwara serves mankind without discrimination of creed, color, community, etc.

Pingalwara is being run on the charity from all who harbour passion for the wellbeing of humanity, But doubtlessly, the greatest contribution to this pious purpose is from the Sikh community. What may be more interestion is that beneficiaries at the Pingalwara are largely non-Sikhs.