Victory of Multan (Events)


Victory of Multan (1818)

The Singhs did not entertain the fear of death in the least. Ghulam Qadir Jelani observes: 'I was flabbergasted on seeing that when one of the wheels of the cannon was broken, the cannon-master said that the wall of the castle could be broken into if a couple of more cannon-balls could be shot into it. On hearing this, all the do-or-die Singhs queued up. Continuously the cannon had been raining balls, on the wall and the Singhs had been meeting with a similar fate. 'Jelani goes on to say, 'I was in the guise of a Sikh and mine was the next turn; but meanwhile the wall suffered a fissure. I, too had been tipped for martyrdom but thank (God) I remained safe so that there must have been somebody to secord this rare act of sacrifice.